Horse Photo Experiences

Explore Equine Photography

Immerse yourself in the world of equine photography and videography with my Explorer Events. Capture stunning images go beautiful horses, free-roaming herds and rare breeds in breathtaking locations. Refine your skills and embark on unforgettable adventures with me.

Explorer Day

For local adventurers a 1-2 day photo experiences in a small group with selected models and locations.


The ultimate adventure in a 4-10 days photo tour in a small group with selected models and locations.

Explorer Tour

For curious explorers a 2-3 days Micro Adventure or 4+ days Camper Adventure to join me on my scouting tour.

Create your escape

For single travellers or groups who seek an individual (photo) tour, tailored to their interest, needs and budget.

Explorer Day

Bringing the best of equines to you

Join me and fellow photographers for a unique one or two day challenge. In combining the best equines and amazing locations we will bring the adventure to you. Explore your photography during single day events in an inspiring group. The Explorer Days are pretty unique and cover a large variety of sceneries, topics and models and give you a perfect opportunity to build a large portfolio.

Explorer Tour

Adventurous Equine Micro Photo Tours

Join me for something new, something unique, that will influence your work today and stand out as experience. Join me on my scouting trips for an Explorer Micro Tour on a weekend or on an Explorer Camper Adventure for a couple of days and explore rare equine breeds, breathtaking locations and true horse beauties together.

Equine Photo Expedition

Adventure is calling and we must go

Join me on an adventure you won’t regret and embark to a unique photographic expedition to explore the best equines, roam through magic landscapes and discover hidden gems. I have put together the highlights of my past journeys to create this unique experience.

Join me on my adventures

Upcoming Explorer Dates

Check out my Explorer Events for the upcoming year. Don’t miss to sign up, they will not be repeated and spots are limited.

Create your escape

Your custom photo experience

Write your own tales with your individual photo tour. Are you looking for specific horse breeds or locations for your photography, videography, research or project? You tell me your interest, travel dates, group size and budget, and I will compose this into a unique adventure for you.

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Equine Explorers

Do you want to see photos of past Explorer Events on Instagram? Have a look at my hashtags and see the results of the other photographers who joined me for a tour. The account @equine.explorers and #equineexplorers sums up everything.

Explorer Events

Which Explorer are you?

Are you unsure what type of Exploration is the best for you? Here are all Explorer Events compared for you, even though each event is highly individual. Don’t hesitate to write if it’s still unclear to you.

Explorer Day —

Explorer Tour —
Micro Adventure

Explorer Tour —
Camper Adventure

Expedition —
Photo Tour


I was fortunate to be accompanied by these amazing photographers. Here’s what they say.

Where I explored before

Past Explorer Events

Since 2018 I have been exploring in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Faroe Islands, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Luxembourg, Egypt and many more places. Here are just a few of the recents Explorer Events I posted on this page.