About The Pixel Nomad

About The Pixel Nomad

Photography, Design and the poetry of life.

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Life is too amazing to stay at home About photography, horses, interfaces and micro adventures.

It is always hard to date back when you started to create serious content for your business. All I can say is that I bought my first reflex camera (an analogue Canon) in 2005 and this is when I licked blood. I know that already my grandfather liked to take pictures with bellows cameras of that time and my mother was part time artist, my sister has her own design studio. Creative flows strong in our family and we simply enjoy to do fancy things.

I studied Visual Communications in Germany and South Africa and have a B.A. in Interface Design, which is my main job today. I design software interfaces, apps, style guides, maps, complex concepts and some more stuff with different technology. This means most of the time I'm glued to my computer and the office and going outside into nature works like balm for the soul. I'm very grateful to have my dogs who keep me grounded and force me to go out every day, but we love to go on micro adventures on the weekend or travel further. I feel very balanced when I travel alternative and do e.g. Couchsurfing, backpacking, camping, trekking.

Animals have always been there and it is natural to test out photography skills on the own dogs, guinea pigs and horse. First you take pictures of them at home, later of the others in the club and so everything begins until your interest shift and you want to explore more.

This is were curiosity to explore, my love for travel and my passion for horses meet.

The Pixel Nomads

Like nomads we feel happy when we are on the road, can travel and explore new places and chase after pixels.

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Cécile Zahorka Interface Designer & Photographer

I love traveling, navigating and maps. languages and alphabets. etymology and typography. strong coffee and good wine. photography and vintage lenses. computers and technology. aircrafts and flying. boats and sailing. animals and nature. hiking and trekking. pirates and dinosaurs. french stuff and old school hip hop. art and design. robots and ninjas. cartoons and computer games. and Nelson Mandela

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Rumo & Zim Explorer Dogs & Office Pups

Zim my golden boy is a Cão de Fila de São Miguel, Rumo my little crazy is a Cimarron Uruguayo. They are my companions. office dogs. explorer pup. adventure doggies. travel dogs. city dwellers. van life paws. hiking dogs. outdoor lovers. stand up paddlers. sailers. truckers. and meat eaters.

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Sprinty McBenzface Adventure Mobile & Tiny House

My van "Poxel" allows me to travel and work on the road. I bought the panel van and started to convert it into not only a camper, but also a comfortable tiny home. While photographing I have everything I need with me, I can charge my batteries, edit my pictures, cook and sleep where I'm working.

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Vor-die-Linse.de & Das Haflinger Forum For the love of the long horses

Das Haflinger Forum was founded in the year 2005 by a friend and me. We collected data of events and stud horses in the Haflinger community, which became the base to my Haflinger photos. Since 2007 I sell photos of horse shows and equestrian shows with the focus on the blond horse. We created the site www.vor-die-linse.de for our online shop and the name Vor-die-Linse Fotografie became a well known term for our Haflinger photos. The online archive has around 100.000 photos since 2005 and many more will follow. Our photos were printed in all kinds of Haflinger literature, regional and international equestrian magazines and news papers.



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