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Forgotten Horses
Preserve equine diversity

Forgotten Horses

Over 60% of horse breeds are on the brink of extinction, and yet, they remain largely unnoticed. As a photographer, my mission is to discover these rare and endangered breeds, capturing their essence to give them a new platform. This project aims to shine a light on disappearing horse breeds and help preserve the rich diversity of our equine companions.

Wildlings in Europe

Free Horses

To be wild, or not to be wild. Is this really a question? Wild horses are extinct for a long time, but equines rewilder the nature. Even if there may be no true wild horses anymore, we have many free horses on this planet. I want to share their story, document their lives and their impact in rewildering and grazing projects. There is a surprisingly high number of breeds, traditions, projects and regions with free roaming horses in Europe and worldwide.


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