Design & Photography Consulting

Get better at what you do

I support photographers, creative professionals and those who would like to become one by advising them in building or improving their own business through design concepts.


Analysis of your design, marketing or website and ideas for improvement.


Consultant for your design, marketing, website, experience or photography with guidance for further development.

Explorer Consulting

Explorer Tour in combination with consulting, photography and guidance in one or multiple days.

Explorer Day

For local adventurers a 1-2 day bootcamp in a small group with selected models and locations.

Hi! My name is Cécile, I have studied visual communications and have a B.A. in Interface Design, with focus on User Experience Design, Interaction Design and User Interface Design. I will help you to digitalise your products and create design driven concepts for your business.

Consulting topics

My focus areas

My consulting services can be of interests for beginners and amateur photographers, as well as for advanced and pro photographers or creative self-employed persons, who want to improve their business. 

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Drop me a line and describe your problems and the topics your would like to work on with me.

In your personal analysis and consulting, we align the contents exactly according to your questions, wishes and needs. To prepare myself for our session, I will ask you a few questions in advance.

Analysis —
online call

149 €

Plus 19% VAT

Consulting —
online call

299 €

Plus 19% VAT

Explorer Day —

see event

Plus 19% VAT

Consulting —
personal half day

549 €

Plus 19% VAT

Consulting —
personal full day

899 €

Plus 19% VAT

Explorer Consulting —
one day

999 €

Plus 19% VAT