Karabakh Horse

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: unkown
Listed by DAD-IS
Horse breed from Azerbaijan

Informations about the rare Karabakh Horse

The rare Karabakh horse has its origins in the country of Azerbaijan in Asia. The breed is very old and shares the same ancient genes as the Akhal Teke horse from the neighbouring Turkmenistan. The Karabakh is a small and strong horse from the mountain-steppes and is used for endurance and races. They were significantly influenced by the Arabian horse, which results into the sad fact that today the amount of pure bred Karabakh horses goes towards zero. As a matter of fact, nowadays you search for horses that have a high Karabakh percentage, as the original Karabakh was bred throughout history with Akhal Teke, Karbadiner, Arabians and the now extinct Turkoman horse. 

Origin and history of the Karabakh Horse

The Karabakh horse is the oldest horse breed in Azerbaijan and originates from the steppes and mountains of the Karabakh region. In the recent past, the breed has been influenced by Akhal-Tekkines, Persian Arabians and the Arabian. The Karabakh itself has also been used in other breeds, e.g. the Don horse or the Kabardin. The breed has recently suffered greatly from the violent conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Character and features of the Karabakh Horse

Karabakhs are energetic horses, fast and agile. At the same time they are very robust, hardy and durable. As mountain horses they are very sure-footed, as steppe horses they shine with their speed and endurance.

Utilisation of the rare Karabakh Horse

In their native country, Karabakh horses are mainly used for horse racing, or originally as pack and riding horses. Their endurance and sure-footedness make them good leisure partners and powerful endurance horses.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Karabakh Horse

Unfortunately due its relatively unknown status as breed in Europe and overseas, there is no official status declaring the Karabakh Horse as endangered. The DAD-IS states: „Breeding activities to improve local genetic resources of horses in Azerbaijan. For this purpose Agdam horse-breeding farm was established. In 2003, By 2002 there are a total of 120 horses, including 39 pedigree mares at the Agdam horse-breeding farm.“

Native country




Risk Level

Critical: less than 100 breeding horses


138 - 150 cm

Coat colour

Mostly chestnut, bay, dun, black with golden reflexes


Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Other names: Qarabağ atı — Karabakh horse — Karabai —  Karabakhskaya — Karabach — Karabagh — Qaraba

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Karabakh Horse

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