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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Critical
Listed by DAD-IS
Ancient pony breed from Spain

Informations about the rare Losino

The Losino, or Caballo de Raza Losina, emerges as a distinctive equine breed with deep historical roots in the northern regions of Spain. Renowned for its connection to ancient Celtic heritage, this pony exemplifies the resilient spirit of the Iberian Peninsula.

Origin and history of the Losino

The Losino, classified as a Celtic pony, traces its origins to the mountainous terrains of northern Spain, particularly in the provinces of León and Palencia. Developed over centuries in relative isolation, the Losino has preserved its unique characteristics, echoing the cultural influences of the ancient Celts who once inhabited the region. These hardy ponies have adapted to the challenging landscapes, showcasing traits that helped them endure and thrive.

The Losino’s history is intertwined with the agricultural practices of the local communities, where these ponies were invaluable for their strength, sure-footedness, and ability to navigate the rugged terrain. Over time, the breed faced challenges due to changes in agricultural methods and transportation. However, concerted efforts by breed enthusiasts and conservation programs have aimed to safeguard the Losino, recognizing its historical importance and genetic distinctiveness.

Character and features of the Losino

The Losino, a pony of modest stature standing around 130 to 140 cm at the withers, exhibits a robust and compact build. Known for its versatility, the breed features a sturdy frame, a strong neck, and a thick, usually black coat. These hardy ponies boast a calm and cooperative temperament, traits that have been honed through generations of living and working closely with the local communities in the mountainous regions of Spain.

Utilisation of the rare Losino

Traditionally, the Losino played a vital role in agriculture, assisting in tasks such as plowing fields and navigating challenging terrains. Their adaptability and resilience also made them well-suited for pack work and transportation in mountainous areas. In contemporary times, efforts to preserve the Losino include showcasing its versatility in equestrian activities, recreational riding, and participating in cultural events that celebrate the breed’s historical significance.

The Losino, or Caballo de Raza Losina, stands not only as a symbol of ancient Celtic heritage but also as a living testament to the enduring bond between the people of northern Spain and their hardy, adaptable ponies. As preservation efforts continue, the Losino remains a poignant reminder of the rich equestrian history embedded in the landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Losino

The Losino, despite its historical significance, faces challenges that warrant dedicated conservation efforts. As a breed that evolved in relative isolation, the Losino’s population has diminished over time due to changes in agricultural practices, modernization, and a decreasing demand for traditional working ponies. Currently, the Losino is recognized as a rare and endangered breed.

Native country




Risk Level

Critical: ca. 900


135-147 cm

Coat colour




Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Free Horse

Feral or semi-feral horses, free roaming in the mountains

Other names of the Losino horse

Caballo Losino — Caballo de Raza Losina — Jaca Burgalesa

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