Photos and informations about the rare Altoldenburger / Ostfriese breed, Forgotten Horses a photographic project about endangered equines by The Pixel Nomad

Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Critical
Listed by DAD-IS, GEH
Heavy Warmblood horse breed from Germany

Informations about the rare Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

The Alt-Oldenburger, also known as the East Friesian, is a distinctive horse breed with a history rooted in the East Friesland region. Recognized for its elegance and versatility, this breed has played a significant role in various equestrian pursuits.

Origin and history of the Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

Originating in the East Friesland region of Germany, the Alt-Oldenburger has a history dating back to the late 17th century. It was developed through selective breeding, incorporating bloodlines of Spanish, Neapolitan, and Andalusian horses. This deliberate breeding aimed to create a horse with refined qualities suitable for both agricultural work and riding. Over time, the Alt-Oldenburger evolved to meet the changing demands of transportation and agriculture. Despite its historical significance, the breed faced endangerment due to declining interest in heavy horses for farm labor.

Character and features of the Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

The Alt-Oldenburger is characterized by its graceful appearance, standing typically between 160 to 170 cm at the withers. With a well-muscled and compact build, these horses exhibit a gentle and cooperative temperament. Known for their versatility, Alt-Oldenburgers are equally adept in harness as they are under saddle, making them suitable for various equestrian disciplines.

Utilisation of the rare Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

Renowned for its versatility, the Alt-Oldenburger excels in both agricultural work and equestrian sports. Historically, these horses were utilized for plowing fields and pulling carriages due to their strength and endurance. In contemporary times, Alt-Oldenburgers are also favored in dressage, show jumping, and recreational riding, showcasing their adaptability and willingness to perform.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

The Alt-Oldenburger, like many traditional breeds, faces challenges related to declining demand for heavy working horses in modern agriculture. At the Central Documentation Centre for Animal Genetic Resources in Germany (TGRDEU) the breed is considered endangered, the GEH lists the Altoldenburger on the Red List as endangered. Conservation efforts involve responsible breeding practices and promoting the Alt-Oldenburger’s versatility in both traditional and modern equestrian activities.

Native country



region / national

Risk Level

Critical: less than 1000


158-168 cm

Coat colour

Bay, black, chestnut, grey



Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Other names of the Altoldenburger / Ostfriese horse

Altoldenburger / Altostfriesisches Schweres Warmblut Pferd — AOL

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Altoldenburger / Ostfriese

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