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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: endangered
Listed by DAD-IS
Heavy Warmblood horse breed from Poland

Informations about the rare Slaski

The Śląski, or Silesian horse, has its roots deeply embedded in the rich soils of Poland, particularly in the Silesia region. This breed, known for its robustness and versatility, has been a cornerstone of Polish equestrian traditions for centuries. Historically utilized in agriculture and warfare, today’s Slaski continues to demonstrate its adaptability and strength in various equestrian disciplines.

Origin and history of the Slaski

The Śląski’s lineage can be traced back to the 19th century, when local mares were crossed with Arab, Thoroughbred, and later, Trakehner stallions to enhance their stamina, speed, and elegance. This careful selection process contributed to the development of a breed well-suited for both work and leisure, embodying the spirit of the Silesian region.

Character and features of the Slaski

Known for their calm and friendly temperament, Śląski horses are easily recognizable by their muscular build and expressive eyes. Standing at an average height of 160 to 170 cm, they exhibit coats in bay, black, and chestnut. The Slaski’s intelligence and willingness to work make it a favored choice for many riders.

Utilisation of the rare Slaski

Historically, the Silesian horse was a valuable asset in agricultural work and as a cavalry horse. Today, the Śląski excels in dressage, show jumping, and driving, showcasing its versatility and capacity to perform at high levels. Its gentle nature also makes it suitable for therapeutic and leisure riding, affirming its multifaceted role in equestrian sports.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Slaski

The Śląski horse is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with breeding and conservation efforts aimed at preserving its heritage and ensuring its future. These initiatives emphasize the importance of the Slaski in Polish culture and its potential contributions to the global equestrian community.

Native country




Risk Level



154-170 cm

Coat colour

Bay, black, chestnut, grey



Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Other names of the Slaski horse

Ślůnski — Slaski — Schlesier — Silesian Horse

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