2020.08 Explorer Day: Sea 2 Summit in Bayern adventurous horse photo day for equine photographers by The Pixel Nomad

Explorer Day 29.08.2020

From Sea 2 Summit

Are you ready for a typicial Bavarian “Heimat” experience? In this horse photo day we will explore 4 locations around the Chiemsee lake: from sea to summit. We will start with sunrise in the Bavarian “sea” with mountain views, continue to a castle, a forest and then end with the sunset by the mountains. Four locations and four photo sessions in one day!

  • Explorer Day date
  • Saturday 29. August 2020
  • Chiemgau area, Bayern/Germany
  • Schedule
  • There are 4 photo shootings planned from sunrise to sunset! We start in the Chiemsee, then we take pictures in a castle, in the afternoon in the shade of a little forest and at sunset back up to the mountain. Between each location we drive about 30 minutes, for which we can form car pools. In total, we drive around the Chiemsee once for about 80 km in total, and back to the first location it is 100 km in total.
  • 05:00 h Morning (sunrise) – lake session (blue hour starts at about 4:45 h, sunrise at 5:20 h) in Seebruck.
  • 9:00 h – Castle session
  • 12:00 h – Lunch break
  • 16:00 h – Forest session
  • 19:30 (until sunset) – Mountain session (sunset at 21:10 h, twilight until 21:50 h) in Aschau.
Horse Photo Day — Explorer Day: From Sea to Summit in Bavaria 2020
Horse Photo Day — Explorer Day: From Sea to Summit in Bavaria 2020
Horse Photo Day — Explorer Day: From Sea to Summit in Bavaria 2020
  • Equipment
  • Basically for any horse photo day I recommend a portrait lens or telezoom with at least 85 mm or more, e.g. 70-200 mm. Since we work with beautiful landscapes, groups and possibly architecture this could be a good opportunity to experiment with wide angle, e.g. 35 mm or 24 mm.
  • Outfit
  • It is June and theoretically it is summer! Good and warm weather is to be expected and since we are on the road all day long, I also recommend changing outfits and rainwear, you never know. For the forest session we recommend sturdy shoes and for the lake session it can’t hurt to wear swimming gear so you can go into the lake. The Chiemsee is very shallow at the location and you can easily walk in and take pictures in the water.
  • Weather
  • The Explorer Day takes place in any weather.
  • Language
  • I will speak English, German or French depending on the group requirements.
  • Invest
  • 269 € for 4 photo shootings incl. model fee & snacks

The Explorer Days are a great opportunity for all photographers to have fun and meet new people and of course take wonderful pictures. Even professionals and advanced photographers will find what they are looking for on this horse photo day.

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Impressions of the locations and models

Beautiful horses and great landscapes from sea to summit await us. Here is a selection of my photos, which I took on site and of some models for this horse photo day.

The best of equines &
breathtaking locations

Explorer Day

Join me and fellow photographers for a unique one or two horse photo day. I will arrange photo locations and models and we will photograph them as a group. Some Explorer Days are bootcamps and we will spend the day morning to evening in one location photographing and editing. And some Explorer Days have several locations in a certain area, so we can capture a wide spectrum of sceneries.

The Explorer Days are pretty unique photo days and cover a large variety of sceneries, topics and models and give you a perfect opportunity to build a large portfolio.

  • The Facts
  • 1 or 2 day events
  • 2-4 photo sessions a day
  • Small group (max. 6-8)
  • Locations are tested
  • Experienced Models
  • The Idea
  • Perfect to build a large portfolio
  • Network and exchange
  • Theme based models and outfits
  • Some events may include lessons, some are pure hands-on photo session days
Exciting and intense

What to expect

The Explorer Day is no wellness day 😉 depending on the theme and locations I will organise 2 to 4 photo sessions a day. This can be exhausting and we might also spend some time on the road. The small group size ensures that everybody gets a good spot for photographing and best views on the landscape. Each Explorer Day is unique, individual and a small adventure.

Horses & Landscapes

What you can gain

The goal of the Explorer Day is that you will make a rich portfolio during these 1-2 day bootcamps. My focus lies on wonderful landscapes and experienced horse models, so you can get the maximum of photos. In fact, an Explorer Day is just the 1-day experience of an Explorer Tour or Expedition. I have inspected all locations in accordance to the perfect daylight and met with all models before, to ensure the best session experience with you.

Join me on my adventures

Upcoming Explorer Dates

Check out my Explorer Events for the upcoming year. Don’t miss to sign up, they will not be repeated and spots are limited.


Do you want to see photos of past Explorer Days on Instagram? Have a look at  #explorer_day and see the results of the other photographers who joined me for an Explorer Day.


Do you want to experience the adventures of a photo tour just in one day? The Explorer Days are just perfect for you!

  • Info
  • Each Explorer Day is highly individual in schedule and topic. Please check the detail page of each Explorer Day for more informations.
  • My focus is on unique landscape experiences and interesting, well trained horses, therefore it is possible that we change locations during the day and need to drive a few minutes.
  • The Explorer Day will take place in any weather.
  • Equipment
  • Camera with battery and flash cards Portrait lens with min. 100mm (e.g. 70- 200 mm).
  • You may have opportunities to experi- ment with wide angle (e.g. 24mm or 35 mm)
  • You should be experienced to handle the camera in manual mode
  • You may bring your laptop, some Explorer Days will have an opportunity to edit.
  • Cloths
  • You should bring clothing and footwear according to the weather and landscape conditions.
  • Use of Photos
  • All Photos can be used for your port- folio, your website, social media accounts and your private usage. For the owners and models you can to send edited photos, but it’s not obligatory.
  • Do you want a commercial use? Commercial use is possible, if you send 10 photos per session for owners and models not later than 3 months after the Explorer Day.


I was fortunate to be accompanied by these amazing photographers. Here’s what they say.