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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: vulnerable
Listed by DAD-IS
Draft horse breed from Croatia

Informations about the rare Posavac

The Posavac Horse, also known as the Posavina Horse, is a rare and traditional draft horse breed from the Posavina region in Croatia. Esteemed for its strength, resilience, and docility, the Posavac Horse has been an integral part of the rural landscape, contributing to agricultural work and transportation for centuries. With its deep chestnut color and amiable disposition, the Posavac Horse embodies the heritage and enduring spirit of the region.

Origin and history of the Posavac

The Posavac Horse’s lineage is deeply rooted in the Posavina region, with its history intertwining with the lives of local people for generations. This breed has adapted to the wetlands and floodplains of the area, showcasing its remarkable hardiness. Despite its significance, the Posavac Horse is considered rare, with its numbers declining in the face of modernization and changing agricultural practices.

Character and features of the Posavac

Standing approximately 140 to 150 cm tall, the Posavac Horse is recognized for its robust and muscular build, suitable for heavy work. Its coat, primarily bay, grey or a rich chestnut often features a distinctive flaxen mane and tail, contributing to its striking appearance. Known for their calm and friendly nature, Posavac Horses are easily trainable, making them reliable working animals and companions.

Utilisation of the rare Posavac

Traditionally, the Posavac Horse has been used for plowing, forestry work, and transport, playing a crucial role in the agricultural economy of the Posavina region. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in preserving the breed for eco-tourism, driving, therapeutic riding, and as a symbol of cultural heritage, highlighting its versatility beyond traditional uses.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Posavac

The Posavac Horse is currently facing challenges related to its rare status, with a declining population that underscores the need for concerted conservation efforts. Initiatives to preserve the breed include establishing stud books, promoting sustainable breeding practices, and integrating the Posavac Horse into cultural and educational programs. These efforts aim to raise awareness of the breed’s value, both as a part of biodiversity and as a living symbol of regional identity.

Native country




Risk Level

Vulnurable: 7.000


140-150 cm

Coat colour

Bay, black, chestnut, grey



Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Free Horse

Semi-feral, free-roaming in nature park

Other names of the Posavac horse

Posavina Kaltblut — Posavski konj — Posavski bušak — Kroatischer Posavac — Hrvatski posavac — Turopolje-Pferd

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