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Trait du Nord

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: endangered
Listed by DAD-IS
Draft horse breed from France

Informations about the rare Trait du Nord

The Trait du Nord, a distinguished heavy draft horse, originates from the northern regions of France. Known for its robust build and calm temperament, this breed has historically been a pivotal asset in agriculture, particularly in the fields of Northern France, where its strength and endurance were utilized to plow heavy clay soils. Today, while its role in agriculture has diminished due to mechanization, the Trait du Nord continues to captivate enthusiasts with its majestic presence and versatility.

Origin and history of the Trait du Nord

The Trait du Nord’s lineage traces back to the 19th century, evolving from the Belgian Draft and the Ardennes horses, reflecting a blend of strength, resilience, and cold tolerance. Its development was closely tied to the agricultural needs of its native region, with selective breeding enhancing its capabilities as a draft horse. The breed played a crucial role in both World Wars, not just in agriculture but also in logistics and transport, demonstrating its adaptability and endurance.

Character and features of the Trait du Nord

Trait du Nord horses are known for their docile and cooperative nature, making them excellent work partners. They possess a strong, muscular physique, with a broad chest and powerful hindquarters, ideal for heavy draft work. Their coat colors vary, including bay, chestnut, and roan, adding to their visual appeal. Their gentle temperament combined with their physical strength makes them suited for various disciplines beyond agriculture, including recreational riding and ceremonial duties.

Utilisation of the rare Trait du Nord

Historically, the Trait du Nord was primarily utilized in agriculture, but today, its scope has broadened. It participates in draft horse competitions, recreational riding, and even therapeutic programs. Their calm demeanor and strength also make them suitable for forestry work and historical reenactments, showcasing their versatility and enduring relevance in modern society.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Trait du Nord

The Trait du Nord is considered rare, with its population experiencing a significant decline in the late 20th century. Conservation efforts are crucial to its survival, focusing on sustainable breeding programs and raising public awareness about the breed’s historical and cultural significance. Currently, initiatives by breed associations and preservation societies are underway to increase its numbers and maintain genetic diversity, emphasizing the importance of this majestic breed’s continuation.

Native country




Risk Level

Endangered: ca. 3.200


160-179 cm

Coat colour

Bay, black, chestnut, roan



Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Other names of the Trait du Nord horse

Ardennais du Nord — Ardennais de type Nord

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Trait du Nord

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