Summer Vibes in the Black Forest

Summer time in the Black Forest: Photo Sessions with the Black Forest draft in the highlands and with Haflinger and Slaski in the lake.

Summer heat in the beautiful Black Forest

It is always worth to visit the Black Forest, to any time and any season. I was on a mini tour in the Black Forest to meet old and new friends and horses. Of course it’s all about Black Forest horses, Haflinger and one rare horse breed… !

Black Forest draft horses in St. Märgen

My first stop was in St.Märgen, the origin and Mekka of Black Forest Horses. I did a photo session with the stallions Wildbach and Markgraf, in addition to some mare and foal photos in the low and soft light of the sunset.

Black, blacker, Black Forest stallion Wildbach 🖤 who could resist a horse like this??

Haflinger and Slaski in the lake

Summer sun bathing fun! The Black Forest is not just big dark trees and enchanted gorges, but here you can go to the beach in summer 💦 and in autumn it’s a sea of mist: the Schluchsee. And in the middle of it, the Haflinger stallion Sultan having fun in the water. The lucky guy preferred to go for a swim in the hot weather and didn’t want to get out of the water 😂 the perfect water-photo-horse!

Next to Haflinger stallion Sultan I also photographed this big black beauty called Taifun. We did portraits on black and in nature, before we went swimming.


Taifun is a very special horse, as he fits into my project Forgotten Horses.

Have you ever heard of the Silesian horse? Also called Slaski, to be precise Koń śląski (it’s pronounced “shlouwnski” more or less). It is a Warmblood breed from Poland, which has been influenced by the Oldenburg and East Friesian Warmblood from Germany. During the Second World War the breed almost died out completely, but it recovered since then. Today there are two types within the Slaski breed: a modern saddle horse type and a traditional, heavy, big boned Warmblood. There are maybe around 3000-5000 horses of this breed, however the heavy type has only 20% of this population. This makes the Slaski, especially the old type, an endangered and rare horse breed.

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This group is part of the Forgotten Horses project and aims to raise awareness of endangered horse breeds and to contribute to the preservation of the diversity of horse breeds and free living and wild horses.
The group provides information and facilitates international exchange on rare and endangered horse breeds.
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Forgotten Horses

Almost 60% of our equine breeds are endangered or have a vulnerable status with such small populations, that their destiny often depends on the selfless commitment of individual persons. It is my mission now to explore rare and endangered horse breeds and to raise awareness by giving them a new platform and to preserve equine diversity.

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Horses of the world

This is a horse breed gallery to show the horses of the world I have photographed for my projects Forgotten Horses and Free Horses, as well as during my other photographic actives, events and travels. 

Kisber Felver at Bugac Kisber
Forgotten Horses

Kisbéri félvér

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: unkown
Listed by DAD-IS
Halfbred-type horse breed from Hungary

Rottaler horse
Forgotten Horses


Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: very critical
Listed by DAD-IS, GEH
Heavy Warmblood breed from Germany

Forgotten Horses


Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: endangered
Listed by DAD-IS
Small horse breed from France


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